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Yacht Rentals in Phuket

We offer luxurious yacht rentals in Phuket for a day or more. Discover the best spots around Phuket from the water. Our captains will show you the most beautiful and secret places in the Andaman Sea.

Our goal is to make your vacation as beautiful and unique as possible. You can choose from our list of destinations or simply tell us about your dream location, and we will create a custom itinerary for you.

Why a Yacht Vacation in Phuket is Complete and Unforgettable

Phuket is one of the most sought-after resorts in Thailand, having captured the hearts of millions of tourists. Those who have experienced its charm once inevitably yearn to return.

The secret to its appeal includes:

• Exotic shopping experiences;

• Mild climate and warm sea;

• Perfect beaches;

• Ancient temples;

• A developed entertainment infrastructure, including for children.

However, to make your stay in Phuket truly unforgettable, it is essential to find something special that will allow you to see this paradise island from a completely new perspective. One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Phuket is by renting a yacht, as the sea is just as magnificent as the land. Seeing the island from the water is a must-do for any visitor. 

The appeal of sea trips around Phuket includes:

Crystal clear water, allowing you to observe the marine life as if in a mirror or an aquarium.

Opportunities for memorable diving. You can swim during the journey and even snorkel underwater.

A spirit of adventure. Water voyages always awaken the spirit of adventure, cure any sorrow, and provide a sharp sense of love for life. Exploring caves, kayaking, fishing, and more are available.

Romance. If you want to rekindle a long-term relationship or give a fantastic start to an emerging love, choose a yacht vacation around Phuket. Your shared experiences will strengthen your relationship as cement does.

Phuket is not the only destination in Thailand. It is a starting point for unforgettable adventures, journeys to lesser-known but equally fascinating islands. Many are uninhabited, famous for their stunning limestone cliffs, hidden lagoons, and vibrant underwater ecosystems.

Rent a yacht in Phuket to get the most comprehensive picture of the region, all in comfort. You can easily extend your stay in these stunning places and add unforgettable memories to your trove.

The benefits of a private yacht vacation in Phuket include:

The ability to independently plan your itinerary and choose the places you want to visit.

Privacy. There’s no need to put up with the presence of strangers.

Time savings. You decide where to go, when to stop, and how much time to spend at each place.

High level of service. The professional crew on a Phuket yacht will provide you with everything you need, ensuring your comfort and safety while you enjoy every minute of your journey.

Exclusivity. The yacht can take you to hard-to-reach spots that remain inaccessible to most tourists.

Private tours offer exclusivity, giving you the opportunity to enjoy untouched beaches, crystal-clear waters, and scenic landscapes without the presence of other tourists.

Islands to Visit by Yacht

Koh Pai, or Bamboo Island. A true treasure of the Phi Phi archipelago, the island offers pristine nature and excellent opportunities for diving.

Railay Beach. It’s a magnet not just for beach lovers but also for climbers, who adore scaling the local picturesque cliffs.

Surin Islands. Five islands of the archipelago are part of the Mu Ko Surin National Park.

Similan Islands. Ranked among the world’s top ten destinations for relaxation and scuba diving.

Maiton Island. Just 9 kilometers off Phuket, the island has two beaches and a viewpoint, all making up Maiton.

Koh Long. Impressive limestone karsts, blue lagoons, lush greenery, and opportunities for kayaking.

Koh Pak Bia. One of the best spots for snorkeling and diving.

Koh Lao Lading. A corner of untouched nature with limestone cliffs and long deserted sandy beaches.

Koh Hae, or ‘Coral Island’. In just 15 minutes, our yacht will take you from Rawai Beach on Phuket to a place filled with numerous palms, coral reefs, and white sandy beaches.

Koh Khai, or Chicken Island. A picturesque limestone island in the Krabi province, as you approach by yacht, you’ll see the famous rock resembling a chicken head.

Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi. Two beautiful islands in the scenic Phang Nga Bay.

Yacht trips around Phuket’s islands are as vivid as staying on the famous island itself. Traveling by yacht to the islands, you unravel the mysteries of Thailand step by step. You will undoubtedly be thrilled by the marine adventure and treat yourself to a maximum rejuvenation. A yacht journey is a holiday that truly recharges you with energy for new achievements.

Our Advantages

We take account of first-class travel experiences to paradise islands and are knowledgeable about the area around Phuket. Client comfort is important to us, hence we have a clear, competent service policy. 

What are our competitive advantages:

Experience and professionalism. Our company has extensive experience in yacht charter in Phuket, ensuring safety and comfort for your journey.

Personalized approach. We work with every client individually, taking into account all your wishes and needs to make your dream holiday come true.

Coordinated team. Our staff is professional, tactful, and attentive.

Highest level of safety. The yacht undergoes a thorough technical inspection before each trip. You can rely on us.

We offer you unique holiday experiences, providing a full range of services for organising your cruise. Wherever you want to go, we can take you there. We believe that your vacation should be unforgettable.

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