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Coral island (Koh Hey) Excursion

Coral island (Koh Hey)

Koh Hey, or ‘Coral island’, is a beautiful island which can be reached within just 15 minutes via speedboat from the Rawai Beach on the southern tip of the Phuket Island. You can spend here an unforgettable half a day or a full day, exploring the amazing world of natural beauty and engaging in various activities.

What to do here:

  • Visit the sandy beaches
  • Have fun at the Fantasi Theme Park
  • Go snorkelling
  • Try diving

Some might ask, why go for an island tour from Phuket? The Koh Hey island is sure to impress even the most jaded traveller. It is blessed with a unique natural beauty and an astonishing colour of the sea. The profusion of coral reefs draws marine life and makes it an awe-inspiring sight. It’s no wonder that this place is often referred to as the ‘Coral Island’.

The best time for a visit is between November and March. During this period, the weather is the most pleasant, with no oppressive heat and higher humidity levels.

There are 2 popular beaches on the island – Long Beach and Banana Beach. They are connected by a path running through a picturesque tropical forest.

Long Beach

The Coral Island Resort is located here. For vacationers, there is a long sandy beach, palm trees, and cozy establishments with exotic cuisine. Water activities are popular here: banana boat rides, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving. If you want to get even more positive emotions, you can book a stay in one of the bungalows of the Coral Island Resort: visitors fall asleep and wake up to the sound of waves – real relaxation and tranquility. The bungalows have a shower, air conditioning, and the resort has a large swimming pool, restaurant, bar, and even a diving center. If you want a bungalow with sea views, it should be booked in advance.

Long Beach does not have as many tourists as Phuket. In the shade of the trees, you can take a break from the hot sun, enjoy the silence, and feel the gentle sea breeze. You can organize a day trip to the Coral Island by our yacht. You will have plenty of time to take photos, swim, relax, and try out the attractions.

Banana Beach

This is the northern part of the island, protected from the wind – the sea is always calm. It is comfortable to swim in the morning: in the afternoon, there are low tides.


  • There are sunbeds.
  • There are exotic birds, such as rhinoceros birds.
  • Small coral reefs allow diving for beginners and children.
  • Rental of diving equipment.
  • Massage services.

The beach is suitable for those who like noise and fun. There are a lot of attractions for tourists here: shops, cafes, restaurants.

Day on a private yacht: Phuket – Coral Island (Koh Hey) and back

A day trip to Koh Khey island is a breath of fresh air after the fun adventures in Phuket. If you are tired of noise and hustle and want tranquility and a measured life, go on a small trip to the Coral Island. The trip will take about half an hour: you will be able to admire the picturesque island from the water. By including this excursion in your vacation plans, you will make a great contribution to the collection of impressions of Thailand.

Why choose us:

  • We are open to your suggestions and wishes and offer tailor-made activities such as romantic dinners or onboard discos to make your journey even more interesting.
  • Spacious cabins, spotlessly clean and modern common areas, attentive and caring staff – all this is our priority.
  • We take care of your safety. Our crew consists of experienced professionals with whom you will feel like a rock wall.

Plan your tour on a private yacht to Coral island (Koh Hey). To do this, contact us right now.


Coral island (Koh Hey)

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