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Maithon island Excursion

Maithon island

The private island of Maithon near Phuket is an exquisite pearl shell just waiting to be discovered.

Despite its small size, Maithon Island boasts a large beach framed by lush greenery.

If you come to the island for a day, you can enjoy gourmet meals, refreshing drinks or even enjoy a relaxing massage at the hotel. Here you can swim, relax, explore the island at your leisure, sample gourmet food, snorkel and bask under the warm sun in the shade. A day spent here will give you a sense of harmony with nature and yourself.

An excursion into history

Once there was a luxury resort of 70 bungalows for wealthy Japanese travelers. Today, however, only 7-10 rooms remain.  Complicating the situation is the fact that the remaining 60 rooms have fallen into disrepair. Some of them have been converted into abandoned warehouses, decayed staff rooms, and now they have turned into ruins on the seashore – a truly surreal sight. A very atmospheric place.

Suites in the five-star Maiton Island Resort hotel are the apotheosis of luxury, here often stayed high-ranking officials from Singapore, Cambodia and other neighboring countries of Thailand.

There is an outdoor pool with fresh water on the territory: if you get bored of beach vacations, consider staying here.

There are 2 high-end restaurants on site. Here you can try seafood, exotic dishes and delicious sweets.

On the island initially set a limit for visiting tourists – no more than 200 people a day. Thanks to such a competent policy in this place there are no crowds, fuss, and there is relaxation, tranquility, the opportunity to relax in silence.

Why you should visit this private island

Located just 9 kilometers from Phuket: you can get there by boat in 20 minutes. The island itself is not very big and it takes a few hours to explore. All this helps you save time and have a great half day.

Other advantages:

  • Picturesque views: white clean sand, azure water surface, warm sunshine.
  • There are 2 beaches: compact, with a gazebo for photo shoots and off-site wedding ceremonies; spacious – with sun beds, infrastructure for travelers.
  • Opportunities for unforgettable snorkeling: equipment will be provided, you will only have to admire the beauty of the underwater world: the water near the shore is unrealistically transparent.
  • There is a viewing platform. From it opens an amazing view of the sea and neighboring islands. From here it is convenient to launch drones, and the way to the platform is not difficult, suitable for children.
  • One of the most attractive places is a small wooden bar on the beach, where you can buy a beer for 120 baht.

Day on a private yacht: Phuket to Maiton Island and back

A day trip to Maiton Island by yacht is a serene and refreshing vacation after the colorful adventures in Phuket. It is a luxury private island vacation. The trip takes about half an hour and you can appreciate the scenic beauty of the island from the water. By including this excursion in your vacation plans, you will enhance your enjoyable experience in Thailand.

Why choose us:

  • We cater to all your preferences and wishes by offering customized activities such as romantic dinners or discos on board.
  • Our yacht has spacious cabins, spotlessly clean and modern common areas.
  • The yacht has attentive staff who prioritize your comfort.
  • Your safety is of paramount importance to us. Our crew consists of experienced professionals who are not afraid to go to sea.

Plan your private yacht tour to Myton Island today. Contact us now to make your reservation and embark on an unforgettable adventure.


Maithon island

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