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Koh Poda (Krabi) Excursion

Koh Poda (Krabi): brief description

Koh Poda, also known as Poda Island or Ko Pa Da Nai, is a small fairytale island in the south of Thailand just off the coast of Krabi. Its proximity to the main resorts (Ao Nang, Railay Beach and Klong Muang) makes it easy to visit on a day boat tour. On Koh Poda, a little piece of paradise awaits you with one of Krabi’s most amazing beaches. A soft sandy beach, incredibly clear sea, pristine reefs for snorkeling and a grand landscape with cliffs like out of a picture book are just some of its attractions.

Benefits of the location:

  • A corner of unspoiled nature. Beach with fine white sand and clear sea – just like in the “Bounty” commercials. An ideal place to relax and enjoy the magnificent beach scenery. It is part of the Hud Nopharaththara – Mu Koh Phi Phi Phi national park.
  • Snorkeling. The variety of coral reefs attract snorkeling enthusiasts from everywhere for a reason.
  •  Impressive size: 600/1000 meters: there is room to walk around.
  • Long coastline with great views, including the Raleigh Peninsula.
  • Limestone cliffs. Near the island you can see a huge picturesque 100-meter cliff Koh Ma Tang Ming. The most beautiful stretch of beach is near the attractive limestone cliff, which resembles the famous Raleigh beach.
  • Monkeys. You can meet some funny animals here, but don’t forget to be vigilant: the little thieves can snatch your belongings.
  • Near the cliffs is a great place for diving.
  • Local cuisine. Street vendors will easily satisfy your appetite with the delicacies of the local cuisine.


The best time to visit Koh Poda is the dry season from November to April, when the sea is calm, not very hot and moderately humid.

As for the time of day, if you want a break from the crowds, come here in the morning or evening. From 11 to 15 there is an influx of tourists here.

The most picturesque and pleasant part of the island is the northern part, the southern part is less crowded but the beach is not as beautiful.

Day on a private yacht: Phuket to Koh Poda (Krabi) Island and back

Embark on a serene and rejuvenating vacation with a day trip aboard our luxury yacht, visit an unspoiled island and take away the most pleasant impressions. The perfect contrast to busy Phuket. This excursion embodies the essence of a luxury vacation in a tropical paradise: a short trip that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the island from a distance. By including this excursion in your itinerary, you can fully immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of Thailand.

Here’s why our yacht tour is different from others:

  • Personalized approach. We take into account all your preferences and enthusiastically accept your wishes to organize your yacht vacation.
  • Maximum comfort. Our yacht has spacious, well-maintained cabins and modern public areas designed for your comfort and pleasant leisure.
  • High Service. Our close-knit, well-trained crew is committed to helping you even in the smallest details.
  • Highest Safety. Your safety is our first priority. Our crew is made up of experienced professionals you can trust, ensuring confidence and safety throughout your journey.

Start planning your private yacht tour to Koh Poda (Krabi) today. Contact us now to reserve your spot and embark on an unforgettable adventure that will leave you with unforgettable memories.


Koh Poda (Krabi)

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