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Racha Islands Excursion

About 20 kilometers south of Phuket is a group of islands Racha Yai and Racha Noi. Translated from the language of the ancient peoples of Thailand, Racha means “king, royal”. Going to those places on a yacht, everyone will feel like a king.

If you want to book one of our full-day excursions to the islands, we have already prepared an interesting route. At the same time we are open to your suggestions and will customize the trip to your tastes, desires, ideas about an ideal trip.

The two islands are called Racha Yai and Racha Noi. In Thai Yai means “big” and Noi means “small”: you can choose which one to start with and which one to leave for dessert.

We made the route logical: Racha Yai is the closest to Phuket, so the private tour starts there. Secretly, some people are so caught up in the island’s whirlpool of entertainment that they decide not to visit Racha Noi at all.

Racha Yai

The inhabitants of Racha Yai are either farmers, fishermen or tourists. In this paradisiacal place you will find affordable vacation accommodation: several decent hotels and a good selection of private bungalows for rent.

We can offer you an even more attractive and memorable trip. You can go on a private yacht to the famous Phi Phi Phi islands, and in Racha Yai you can stay overnight and taste the delights of the local cuisine.

For travelers who plan to stay here longer than one night, we recommend The Racha luxury resort. It has a luxurious restaurant right on the beach – the perfect place to dine. The gourmet restaurant is located on the main beach (Ao Tawan Tok) of the island.

The Racha Yai Island is:

  • close proximity to the mainland;
  • clean white sandy beaches, among which the most popular is Patok Bay;
  • the opportunity to snorkeling or diving;
  • a small number of tourists will give a chance to relax from the crowd;
  • fabulous views from the observation decks;
  • exotic flora and fauna;
  • tranquil walks through scenic areas.

This small island is an oasis for those craving for an exotic vacation in the lap of nature. The island can be visited in one day and remembered for a lifetime.

Racha Noi

Many of our Racha Island yacht charter clients have fallen in love with the small island of Racha Noi. At first glance, it may not seem like the right place to visit: there are no luxurious hotels or infrastructure. But there is a charming atmosphere of an uninhabited island: a rocky shore, a narrow sandy strip 8 km long. – A real reboot at the end of the world. It is also a great place for fishing. Experienced anglers fish with trolling and jigging. And those who prefer squid, stay on the island for the night and catch sea creatures with a special trolling rod. For diving lovers, there are more interesting places here than Racha Yai.

Racha Noi Island is:

  • an opportunity to be in a secluded place in harmony with nature;
  • abundance of fish;
  • uniquely beautiful coral reefs;
  • azure sea.

The small island of Racha is one of the most picturesque places in Thailand for wildlife lovers.

Day on a private yacht: Phuket – Racha Islands and back

A day tour to Racha Islands is a great way to diversify the everyday life of a tourist in Phuket. If you are tired of the noise and fun of Phuket, plunge into the atmosphere of silence and untouched nature in the Racha Islands. The whole trip will take about 8 hours, during which time you can enjoy the beauty of the islands and the sea view from the comfort of your yacht. Include this trip in your vacation and you will remember it with warmth and nostalgia for a long time.

Why choose us:

  • Open to your suggestions and wishes. We can organize a romantic dinner, disco on board the yacht, etc.
  • High level of comfort. Spacious cabins, clean, modern common areas, attentive staff.
  • Transparent prices. No additional fees that tourists learn about during the trip.
  • Safety. All crew members are experienced professionals.

Start planning your private yacht tour to Racha Islands. To do so, contact us right now.


Racha Islands

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