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Koh Pak Bia Island Excursion

The compact island of Koh Pak Bia, which is located near Phi Phi Phi Island, is the center of attraction for tourists, attracting them like a magnet. Here you can contemplate the pristine nature, sunbathe on white beaches and completely disconnect from worries.

Brief description

The main advantage of the island is the vast beach, which is suitable for sunbathing. Here it is better not to swim because of the coral bottom: when entering the water you need to wear special shoes. Koh Pak Bia is a favorite place for snorkeling and diving. The underwater kingdom in its vicinity is magnificent and diverse.

This beach is a secluded, untouched corner of nature, without the extra amenities that Phukett tourists are used to. The island can be reached exclusively by water.

The advantages of the location are:

  • The beauty of nature. Magnificent sandy beach four hundred meters long, with an exceptional view of the equally charming neighboring islands, fine white sand and clear crystal waters. The paradisiacal landscape is complemented by lush tropical vegetation and the almost perfectly vertical cliffs that girdle the beach. The karst landscape attracts a lot of tourists.
  • Lagoon. In the northeastern part of the island, between the cliffs, there is a natural lagoon whose beauty is breathtaking. Its unusually bright green waters and the foliage of shrubs and trees growing right on the rocks mesmerize anyone lucky enough to witness this natural wonder.
  • Flora and Fauna. The island’s animal and plant life is diverse. It is hard to find a Thai island that would compete with Koh Pak Bia in this parameter. Especially there are a lot of varans here. These reptiles are only scary in appearance, in fact they are “terrible on the face, kind inside”.
  • Rich underwater world. Studying underwater inhabitants does not require special skills and equipment. You can do without a special mask, as the sea near the shore is relatively shallow: you can observe the movements of fish with the naked eye. Try to lure fish with a banana – for sea creatures it is a real delicacy. With the help of bait you can attract almost any sea creature, and he will willingly take food right out of your hands.
  • Visitors can take advantage of kayaking around the island.

The best time to visit is from late fall to mid-spring, when temperatures are at +30°C, the sea is calm, rainfall is minimal and winds are light.

Phuket to Koh Pak Bia Island and back on a private yacht day

Experience the perfect getaway from bustling Phuket with our day tour to Koh Pak Bia Island. If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat away from the vibrant energy of Phuket, immerse yourself in the serene and unspoiled natural atmosphere of Koh Pak Bia Island. This delightful journey will allow you to enjoy the splendor of the island from the water. Including this expedition in your vacation itinerary will give you unforgettable memories that will warm your heart for years to come.

Why use our services:

  • Personalized approach. We are always open to your suggestions and preferences. Whatever you wish – a romantic dinner or a disco on board the yacht – we will make it happen.
  • Unrivaled comfort. Enjoy spacious cabins, spotlessly clean and modern common areas. The staff is well trained and will not keep you waiting long with requests.
  • Transparent Pricing. Rest assured that our prices are transparent and free of hidden charges that take tourists by surprise while traveling.
  • Safety first. Our crew members are experienced professionals who ensure your safety and peace of mind throughout your journey.

Start planning your exclusive yacht trip to Koh Pak Bia right now. Contact us today and together we will make your dream a reality.


Koh Pak Bia Island

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