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Similan island Excursion

Similan island

The Similan Islands are a continental archipelago in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Phang Nga province in the south of Thailand. Occupy one of the 10 best places in the world for recreation and scuba diving.

The complex consists of several islands, for tourists are open 2: Ko Similan and Ko Miang.

The mesmerizing underwater realm attracts not only experienced divers who have been coming here for many years, but also ordinary tourists, snorkeling enthusiasts. You will be amazed by the underwater biodiversity, and you may even get the chance to swim alongside a huge sea turtle. Divers from all over the world look forward to seeing the stunning whale shark, the largest fish on Earth. There’s no need to be afraid of it – it’s quite harmless. Some people even manage to ride this fish.

Advantages of visiting the location:

  • Snow-white beaches and turquoise water.
  • Here is one of the most recognizable symbols of Thailand Sail Rock.
  • Rich fauna. There are whales, dolphins, and large turtles.
  • Pleasant places for diving attracted Jacques-Yves Cousteau himself. Under water there are canyons, corals, caves, grottos.
  • Night diving opportunities. During dives you can see crabs, crayfish, lobsters.
  • Interesting color of the sea: the islands are located between the Indian and Andaman Seas.
  • Pristine nature, untouched by civilization. It is forbidden by law to build tourist facilities here. But there is an opportunity to spend the night right on the shore in a tent.


The Similan Islands Park is the most crowded Thai national park. During the open season from mid-October to mid-May, five to six thousand people a day visit the islands. The park is closed during the rainy season from May 16 to October 15 annually.

It is mandatory to go barefoot during the tour.

The best time to visit is from January through April: not as hot and humid.

Day on a private yacht: Phuket to the Similan Islands and back

Embark on a serene and revitalizing journey around the islands on a luxury yacht – the perfect complement to the thrill of exploring Phuket. This excursion is the epitome of a luxury island vacation: a short trip that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the island from a distance. By including this excursion in your traveler’s schedule, you can further immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Thailand.


Similan island

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