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Hong island PhanNga Excursion

Island Hong – an amazing, unique and unexplored natural attraction in the bay of Phang Nga. This is a highlight for every adventurer and lover of nature. Come with us to one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand.

Brief description of the island

Hong Island is the dream come true for adventurers and lovers of nature. This is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand, but, nevertheless, this is a place that no one knows about. An uninhabited island is a great opportunity to be alone with the pristine nature.

The name of the island comes from the name of the weathered caves that are in the center of the island. Well hidden, they frame a lake with access to the sea.

When the tides allow, you can get inside Hong Island by canoe. Otherwise, during low tide, the caves dry up and the entrance is blocked by stones with sharp edges, dirt. During high tide, the entrance completely hides under the water.

This little miracle of nature leaves an indelible mark on the soul of everyone who visits this place.

Advantages of vacation on the island

In addition to Hong Island, we can take you to the cave with bats – another interesting place near the mangrove jungle and limestone karst. Become one of the few who will see the natural beauty in the depths of Phang Nga Bay, because this will bring indescribable emotions.

Staying at the beautiful restaurant of the fishing village of Koh Panyee, you can regain strength by tasting the delicious dishes of local cuisine. In addition, you will have time to get acquainted with the environment.

A day on a private yacht: Phuket – Hong Island PhanNga and back

Journey to Hong Island in Phang Nga is a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of Phuket. If you are looking for a quiet and leisurely holiday, this paradise island is the perfect place. During a small journey, you can contemplate the picturesque landscapes of the island from the water. By including this expedition in your plan for traveling in Thailand, you can significantly enrich your experience.

Here’s why we’re trusted:

  • Individual approach. We strive to meet all your preferences and requirements, offering additional bonuses and activities: romantic dinners or discos on board, photo shoots or trolling fishing.
  • Focus on comfort. We consistently care to ensure your comfort and convenience. We offer spacious cabins, immaculately clean and modern common areas. Polite, attentive staff are at your service.
  • Safety above all. We pay the closest attention to your safety. Our crew consists of experienced professionals who not only provide an unforgettable journey, but also create a sense of deep security from the moment you stepped on board.

Embark on an exclusive yacht tour to Hong Island in Phang Nga today. To start planning your exceptional journey, contact us. Your serene vacation in this Thai paradise awaits you, promising an experience like no other.


Hong island PhanNga

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